TLDnic - Tools

TLDnic - Tools

Web and domain tools for staging, creation and testing of web projects.

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What's my IP address?

Check your IP address, host, browser user agent and referrer. Also works with proxy servers.

Check IP


Check Whois information for ccTLDs and gTLDs. Most extensions supported new ones added frequently.


Punycode Converter

Convert Punycode to Text/Unicode and vice-versa. Make IDN domain names work in every browser.


.COM/.NET Bulk Check

Check availability for up to 5,000 domains with this bulk availability search tool. (external)

Bulk COM/NET check

Zone file Check

Check registrations across multiple TLDs for a specific keyword. Great zone file research resource. (external)

Check zone files

Google Geo Switcher

Switch between different country settings on Google Search without a proxy server. (external)

Google Advanced


Check which TLDs are locked by Google to a specific geo-region and avoid ranking disadvantages. (external)

Check Geo status