COM.PUB Domain Registration


Domain registration service for the .COM.PUB extension. Domain names are offered on the third level: "{domain}.COM.PUB". Alternatively the domain "COM.PUB" can be acquired on the second level. See details below.

COM.PUB - Purchasing Process

COM.PUB may be available for sale provided there isn't any active obligation to maintain the functionality of a third level domain at the time of the acquisition. If you are interested in acquiring COM.PUB please inquire by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

[domain].COM.PUB - Registration Process

.COM.PUB domains by TLDnic are an upcoming third level domain option for websites, link shortening, redirects and email. At this stage we are considering to sell COM.PUB as a second level domain therefore registrations are limited to short term periods with a maximum of 3 months. The extension is highly attractive for temporary projects which are supported by paid traffic (e.g. a campaign to offer services, launch a product with a microsite or a branded deeplink to your existing web property as part of a campaign). TLDnic guarantees operation of the .COM.PUB extension for the registration period agreed. If a more permanent use of the domain is required, the purchasing option offers a solution.

Pioneer Program:

While general availability has not yet started for .COM.PUB some names may be available for immediate use — depending on proposed usage. Preference will be given to:

  • Rebranding of an established website
  • A branded redirect to a specific section on an established website
  • Creation of a new site that will be supported by a certain online marketing budget (SEM, Social Media, etc.)
  • Creation of a link shortener (branded, branded, etc.)
  • Pioneer program registrations will include:


    either as a redirect to a destination-URL you specify, or as a DNS set up resolving to your hosting IP. Email support will follow at a later stage.

    Some names are reserved (in particular ones that are confusingly similar to trademarks). TLDnic cannot be held liable for any trademark infringing names used by any client. The registrant is fully responsible to research trademarks on his own before registering a name. Allocation of these names is at the discretion of TLDnic.

    Please use the contact form below to apply for the pionier program now or to express interest for the general availability release of .COM.PUB domains at a later stage.

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